I'm Mark P. Dangelo.,a Digital Leader.,an Author.,an Innovator.,a Teacher.

I am a business innovator and transformation expert assisting leaders with achieving extraordinary results in high risk and uncertain environments across the globe. When the path is complex or the effort is under duress, I am a proven delivery asset.

About Me

Hello! I'm Mark P. Dangelo.

I define, develop, and implement large and small programs for leaders seeking innovative results. I use repeatable and adaptable frameworks honed over diverse circumstances including mergers, pathfinders, and restructurings.

As an advisor my work and methods are widely published across five books and hundreds of published articles. As a prior c-level individual, my results in large and small enterprises are well documented.

Why Choose Mark?

  • ✓ Expert in post-deal merger & acquisition synergies
  • ✓ Innovation pathfinder and organizational design champion
  • ✓ Advisor and leader to hundred's of global firms
  • ✓ Skilled transition leader and restructurer
  • ✓ Well versed in financial services, private equity, banking
  • ✓ Experienced in large programs, remediation, and design

My Expertise

I am responsible for leading and managing innovation led business transformation and technology project engagements, innovation based advisory services, project implementations, and serves as a respected advocate and thought leader to the financial services industry.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A post deal integrations are now driven by innovational frameworks, comprehensive sunsetting and oceans of vetted, ethical data.  

Digital Innovation

Innovation layering and pathfinding—an imperative to compartmentalize software, layer functionality, create roadmaps, and deliver to targeted consumers across iterative solution sets.

Business Transformation

The delivery of transformation and restructuring services in this era of digital ecosystems takes on new urgency using innovative approaches and offerings.

Client Base

I have worked globally advising hundreds of companies across the Fortune 50 to the Russell 3000 as well as privately owned enterprises. My views on innovation and leadership are a direct result of my decades of practical experiences, and I have worked in over 20 countries.

Mark's Books and Briefs

With nearly one million words in print spanning over 17 years, my thought leadership, skills, and career are provided as "open-source" in my five books and recent briefs.  My latest book is M&A Digital Demands, released May 2021.

Mark's Articles

Since 2004, I have published hundreds of articles. These thought leadership and innovation pathfinder segments are an evolving window of trends, delivery principles, and industry challenges facing organizations. With the arrival of Digital 4.0, the prescriptive solutions once accepted as fact are now liabilities ...

May 2021 By Mark P. Dangelo

The plethora of aaS over the last decade has within their silos been nothing short of a disruptive phase shift of hardware, network, data, and software consumption. However, what happens when these aaS offerings are merged, stacked, and branched to arrive at containers of agility and innovation all serving rapidly evolving customers and their expectations of how finance should be conducted?


April 2021 By Mark P. Dangelo

As housing and real estate markets exceed $36 trillion and operating plans continue to reflect growth, the crumbling of the business-as-usual foundations because of big data and innovation acceleration will lead many banking and lending organizations to make the wrong decisions in 2021 by ignoring their value delivery within the supply chain.


March 2021 By Mark P. Dangelo

The maturity of AI is years away—yet the excitement and promise of returns and efficiencies have never been greater. The “secrets” for FSBO’s in defining an iterative roadmap of success resides with executing against an AI maturity model that utilizes business driven technology and capabilities over “gee-whiz."


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