The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity

We have reached a state of innovation where we can no longer just trust our eyes, our ears, our readings, and our senses. Innovation has created “deep” ramifications. It’s time to sound the alarm. What happens when we cannot “take back” control, data, and actions from our heralded innovations. For in a world fatigued by rapid-cycling innovations, it is easy to ignore their ramifications (watch new HD video).  To view the PDF sales sheet, listen to a radio broadcast, or the Q&A media document, just click on the bold links.

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What are "The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity"?

A non-fiction and fiction book narrated by a transferred human intelligence living in the “clouds”, remembers everything, and struggles with being a “cheeky” human with a 30 fold intelligence. Will we become mere extensions of our innovations, addicted to their benefits, while ignoring the ramifications?

Transferred Intelligences

M7D Awaits

Today, we can create artificial intelligence, augmented realities, global dialogues, risk mitigations, terrorism responses, and even download our brains into “the cloud”. Yet, are we prepared for the impacts of these innovations? Do we comprehend what influence they have on our decisions?

Artifical Beings

Merged with Genetics

In our rush to acceptance of innovative trends, products and solutions, we are frequently discovering that our embrace of “new” comes with consequences—positive and negative. Innovations are changing our cultures, spearheading movements, and even, altering a foundation of human interaction and touch.

Nationalism and Popilism

Innovation Fallouts

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About the Author

Mark P. Dangelo

Author of “The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity, Beyond the Technology Traps”

As a deductive futurist, Mark started his career as a computer scientist and innovator. He has worked globally advising hundreds of companies across the Fortune 50 to the Russell 3000 to privately owned enterprises. His views on innovation are a direct result of his decades of practical experiences. He is a published author of four books (see latest HD book video) , hundreds of articles, and a columnist for a national financial association. His passion for writing centers on steadfast principle—”Make people and enterprises think”. Mark is also a part time college professor, a cyclist, and operates a sustainable horse and crop farm.

As a sought after advisor, Mark has worked with hundreds of domestic and international firms and governments ranging from the Fortune 50 to the Russell 3000.

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