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Creating roadmaps on developing robust AI-enabled governance frameworks which ensure transparency and accountability within regulatory compliance requirements all supported by actions, skills, and controls.



An agile 1 to 4 week solution map and organizational change design to scale AI investments. (AI)2 utilizes a repeatable process addressing 9 interconnected functional areas necessary for sustainable, continually changing AI innovation.

Identify Data-Driven Revenue Ops

Deliver hidden revenue impacts masked across fragmented and siloed legacy systems for emerging AI initiatives. Offer solutions for repurposing and leveraging existing tech infrastructures.


About Mark's Advisory Solutions

Delivering Layered Innovation, Transformation, Efficiencies, and Revenue Ops across Industries.  

With a career spanning over 25 countries, hundreds of companies, and 20 years of publications, columns, and books, Mark’s experience, results, and innovative leadership stand out.

A representative sample of elite domestic and international clients include, Duetsche Bank, NYSE, DTCC, NASDAQ, American, Citigroup, A.T. Kearney, KeyCorp, SBC, Kaiser Permanente, multiple Blue Cross enterprises, SOC DWP, Travelers Ins., Ocwen, Stanford University / Atomic Tangerine, Case Western University, Vibro Forza, Country of Saudia Arabia, AT&T, Ernst & Young, CSC, and numerous others.  

Mark is also a prior CTO, CIO, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Global Enterprise Architect, and held multiple leadership positions in large, multinational private and consultative organizations.  

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Global Customers
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Mark Dangelo specializes in helping industry and technology leaders optimize their operational efficiency, deliver data integration, and drive growth.  Unlike larger consulting firms, Mark offers a personalized approach backed by decades of industry experience and a proven, published track record.  Mark’s custom methodologies and deep industry insights are available to your organization ensuring that you receive tailored solutions, which deliver measurable and repeatable results.  Partner with Mark to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.  Schedule your free consultation today and discover the difference experience can make in an Age of AI.


What Does Mark Do? Hands-on Innovative Implementations, Guidance, and Transformations--Data, Agile, AI

Planning / Architectural Adaptability

Offer strategic guidance on adapting architecture to the rapidly changing AI landscape transformating business paradigms and position themselves as leaders in their industries. 

Data Traceability Solutions

Assist businesses in implementing data traceability mechanisms to track the origin and flow of data used by AI systems. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitate due diligence processes.

Legacy Tech Remediation

Help companies address the impacts of fragmented and siloed legacy systems on their AI initiatives. Offer solutions for repairing existing tech infrastructures to support the seamless integration of AI solutions.

Interoperability and Trust Assurance

Offer expertise in ensuring interoperability and trustworthiness of AI systems, including validating performance, scalability, and addressing unintended consequences. 

Multimodal Architecture Design

Design comprehensive multimodal architecture blueprints tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

AI Governance Consulting

AI governance frameworks that ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with emerging regulations. Assist in establishing processes for auditing AI systems and implementing error-correction mechanisms.


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To connect with Mark is easy.  You can fill out the form below or reach him through industry and innovation columns at Thomson Reuters Institute or the national Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).  He can also be reached at CWRU WSOM xLab and LinkedIn.


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