M&A Digital Demands

With the Deal Complete, the real work has only just begun. Digital solutions dominate the Future

The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity

Questioning our Rush to Adoption With the Blurring of what is Real

Beyond the Technology Traps

Competing Effectively in the Next-Gen Banking Ecosystems

Adapt or Die: The Reimaging of the Mortgage Industry

Who will be left standing once the AI revolution expands?

IR: Achieving Sustainable M&A Post-Deal Results

Deliver on synergies Requires more than a plan

IR: Realigning the Organization for Profit

It is not a struggle for the shorelines--it is about purpose

The above represents a small sample covering 20-years of writing experience and innovation leadership ideas.  In total Mark has hundreds of articles and over a million words published during his career.  Articles found in the “Publications” section of this site address the most recent published thought leadership from Mark.